Midlife Yoga

Midlife Yoga for the menopause- the gateway to a new you

monthly Saturdays 2-4pm

Yoga to support women during the perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause 

The menopause is a time of huge transition. It can hold many challenges and, with the right support and approach, can open up new opportunities and new found strength and wellbeing.  


I am a tutor for Birthlight Well Woman yoga training (as well as perinatal training) which is recognised as a pioneer in its field in the development of effective practices to promote women's health during all the major transitions in her life. 

Yoga works on the whole body as well as the mind, helping to optimise hormonal balance to better adapt to this time of change. Research shows that yoga can help alleviate many menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and insomnia. 

Regular yoga practice can offer many benefits during this time:

  • Restorative and relaxing practices to soothe the adrenal glands, alleviate tiredness, regulate sleep and help with mood swings
  • Strengthening and energising movements to release emotions, retain vitality and optimise bone quality
  • Practices to promote flexibility so that mobility is retained as we age
  • Grounding, breathing and meditation practices to calm the nervous system, renew energy and find stability and inner strength during change

All of this can help a woman to understand that the menopause is a natural and healthy transition in a woman's life rather than something to be feared and medicalised, and can herald the start of a new and positive phase.

Birthlight Well Woman classes are taught in circles of women so that each woman is equally welcomed into the group enables a safe and supportive environment to be created. 

These sessions are open to complete beginners to yoga as well as more experienced yoginis. 


Monthly Saturdays 2- 4pm comprising 90 minute class and time for a drink/chat


26th January

2nd March

30th March

More dates to be announced for April onwards


Swimworks, Queensway, Leamington CV31 3LU

The yoga will take place in the upstairs training room above the pool. Simply come in through front entrance and walk straight up stairs to the left. There is a toilet off the yoga room. 

Please note that from February there will also be a programme of water wellness and mindfulness mini retreats at Swimworks run by experienced water therapist Sophia Michalopoulou



£20 per session or 

early bird offer of £15 if booked 2 weeks before session date:

  • by 12th Jan for 26th Jan
  • by 16th Feb for 2nd March
  • by 16th March for 30th March

Please book via my website booking link. The default amount is set to £20 which you can alter when you pay if you qualify for early bird

What to bring:

Just yourself! If you love your own yoga mat and cushions then you are welcome to bring these, otherwise all equpment is provided. Wear comfortable clothing such as leggings and T-shirt.