Birthing Sessions Old

Monthly/every 6 weekly and on request

Sessions with partners: yoga for labour and birthing -  a three hour yoga-based session with your partner to help prepare you both for labour and birthing. Ideal from 32 weeks +

These sessions are very practical and are designed to inspire confidence with regard to your forthcoming labour by showing you both how yoga can really help and by getting you to try out a whole range of practical tools: breathing practices, relaxation techniques, positioning and movements.

You will have the chance to review/learn:

  • breathing techniques to help you keep calm and focussed
  • movements and positions to help ease labour and delivery
  • ways in which to positively visualise the experience      

Your partner will learn how to:

  • support you in your breathing and movements for an easier birth
  • assist you in creating more space in your pelvis for birthing
  • help to provide a safe and harmonious environment for birth

It would be helpful (but not essential) if you have previously attended some of the yoga sessions as these special sessions build on many practices you will already be familiar with.  Please reassure your partner he/she is not expected to have any prior experience of yoga –they are there to help support you and to learn what helps you to relax.

When:                             Sundays 10.30-1.30 on following dates:

                                        14th July; 15th Sept; 3rd Nov; 8th Dec

and an additional summer session on 22nd August 6.30-9.30pm

If none of these dates suit do get in touch as can arrange other dates assuming there is another at least one other couple wishing to book on the same session - or I can arrange a private two hour session in your home if you are local or at mine in Leamington at a cost of £75

The sessions will include a break for a drink and biscuits + lovely homemade flapjacks. Since many of you like these flapjacks here is the recipe 

Where: Central Leamington – the venue will depend on the group size and will be confirmed closer to the workshop date.

How much: The advance booking cost is £45 per couple. This is payable at least 2 weeks before the workshop date to book your place, or the workshop may not run. Please book your space on-line by going to my website and search for ‘workshops’ under each term. If you book under 2 weeks before the workshop date the cost rises to £55 per couple. You can modify the amount payable on the booking site according to when you book.  Please note no refunds are given for missed sessions.

I am a registered provider with Jaguar LandRover on their Employee Learning Scheme ( ELS) so you can apply through them for funding to attend my classes.

What do I need to bring/wear? Bring a yoga mat if you have one. I will supply one for your partner. Please also bring a birthing ball if you have one, as well as some cushions for the relaxation. Just wear loose comfortable clothing. Wearing tight trousers or jeans is not advisable. The yoga is done in socks or bare feet.