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The classes run on Mondays 7.45 to 9 pm and on Wednesdays 6.45 to 7.55pm. The venue for the Monday class is  Cubbington Village Hall, Broadway, Leamington Spa CV32 7JR. and the venue for the Wednesday class is the main hall, Warwick Space, 71 Coten End, Warwick CV34 4NU. You are welcome to attend two classes per week, or to swap around sessions.

Autumn 2022 teaching dates:

Monday 17th Oct & Wednesday 19th Oct

NO CLASS Mon 24th Oct but class running as usual Wed 26th Oct

Class running Mon 31st Oct but NO CLASS Wed 2nd Nov

The both classes running on w/c 7th November, w/c 14th November, w/c 21st November, w/c 28th November and w/c 5th December - then a break for the festive season.

These classes are run on a casual basis at £10 per class. If you are new to my classes please book at least the first one online (click the book now link on this page) so that I get your health details before the class. After that you are welcome to just turn up and pay in cash or by bank transfer. You can also carry on paying online if you prefer, your choice.  Y

If you are planning to attend the classes regularly then I would also like to invite you to join a whatsapp group for the pregnancy yoga. if you would like to join please contact me on 07981 769920 and I can add you in. 

Venue information:


There is parking at the venue. A children's activity runs at the hall until 7.30pm so please wait until we can access the hall, More parking spaces should also appear once children have been collected. 

There are toilets at the venue. 

WARWICK SPACE- for more details about the venue location go to the Warwick Space website :

Parking is on street. Best place is nearby Wharf St where there are usually spaces but do allow a few extra minutes to park and arrive in plenty of time for the class.

PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE FORECOURT IN FRONT OF THE COMMUNITY CENTRE! This is reserved for essential staff and I have requested one space for my car so that I can load and unload the extra props for the class.

There are toilets at the venue - there is one by the hall downstairs and more upstairs.  

The yoga will take place in the downstairs hall - come in through lobby and carry straight on through downstairs until you get to the main hall. 

If you are running late and the doors are closed then please ring the bell by the front door labelled 'main hall' so that I can come and let you in. Do try to be on time though as I have to come to the door each time to let you in which gets quite disruptive after the class starts.



Please a yoga mat and a couple of cushions, as well as a blanket if you like extra warmth for relaxation. I will have blocks to borrow and some spare mats and cushions to share out. 

Please wear comfortable clothing such as leggings and T-shirt. An extra cover or jumper for the relaxation will help you to keep warm. 

Please turn off mobile phones during the yoga.

Looking forward to seeing you soon !


Pregnancy yoga from 14 weeks up to birth. These fun and enjoyable sessions are specially designed to be both safe and effective for pregnant women. Learn easy ways to alleviate common ailments, such as back ache, pelvic pain, indigestion and insomnia. In later pregnancy learn how yoga can help prepare you for labour and birth. 

I can show you how you can bring yoga into your everyday life so that you can enjoy a healthier and more vibrant pregnancy. The sessions allow you and your baby time to relax as well as to meet other pregnant women in a relaxed atmosphere. 

pregnancy yoga

What to Bring: Please bring a yoga mat, two yoga blocks and a couple of cushions or pillows. 

I can sell you two second hand blocks for £5 total - most have my name on them so you can write over that with a marker pen yourself. If you wish to buy the blocks from me please add £5 to the class fees (you can amend this yourself). 

I do bring some spare equipment including yoga mats so just borrow what you need when you arrive. 

Pricing: £10 per class. Please book at least your first class online then you can pay cash or arrange to pay by bank transfer if you prefer, or carry on paying online. 

If you book online then cannot attend the class I am happy to carry it over to one more session of your choice within a 4 week time period from the missed class but after that a new payment will become due. 


I had never done yoga before but decided to try it when I was 15 weeks pregnant and absolutely loved Belinda's pregnancy yoga classes until 41st week of my pregnancy. It was very relaxing time which helped my changing body and aching back, but also helped me to prepare emotionally for birth. Not to mention amazing friendships with other to be mums and now mums!   


Definitely would recommend Belinda. She helped me through pregnancy and now through life as a new mum with her yoga practice. What an awesome lady. 

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I would really recommend Belinda's classes, I attended from 18 weeks to 39 weeks and found it tremendously helpful. I found the physical side of the yoga along with the breathing and relaxation to each be important for during pregnancy and preparation for birth. I had my baby recently and the midwife commented that I clearly had a handle on my breathing, it was great and I truly believe without the techniques taught by Belinda I would have needed a lot more painkillers during labour! 

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