Pregnancy Yoga

Update 8th July:

Welcome to my online pregnancy yoga classes. I am running these three weekly on Wednesdays 8-9pm

The cost is £30 for a block of four weeks.  The current block started from w/c 6th July but you can join in at any time. Beginners to yoga as well as returning students are both welcome. You can attend a no commitment class then sign up afterwards if you would like to continue so contact me first and I can send you a health form to fill in and return before your first session as well as the link to the class you would like to trial .

It looks like government regulations won't let me yet teach group yoga in person so for now I will continue on-line. 

The Warwickshire Pregnancy & Birth Network is offering FREE ASK THE EXPERT sessions from July. There will be a short talk by a couple of practitioners from the network followed by a chance to ask us questions. We are all specialists in working with women both before and after birth, and our sessions will be full of helpful hints and practices.

We will explore a different theme each week on Tuesdays 10.30-11.30am then repeated again the same week on Thursdays 6-7pm as follows. Just click on each link to access the sessions, no password needed.

7th/9th July: Calm during Covid – how to manage anxiety with Belinda Staplehurst (Pregnancy Yoga, Mother & Baby Yoga, Yoga for Women’s health) and Leonie Darch (Hypnotherapy including hypnobirthing)

Zoom meeting link for Tuesday 7th July 10.30am:

Meeting ID: 843 4237 9350

Password: 560326

Zoom meeting link for Thursday 9thJuly 6pm:

Meeting ID: 833 9087 7315

Password: 329073

14th/16th July: Managing Pelvic Girdle Pain with Rebecca Michielson (Osteopathy) & JoJo Therapy (Pregnancy Massage & Bowen)

Zoom meeting link for Tuesday 14th July 10.30am:

Meeting ID: 850 1039 8350

Password: 308497

Zoom meeting link for Thursday 16th July 6pm:

Meeting ID: 839 1240 0510

Password: 599567

21st/23rd July: Preparing for a home birth with Sarah Cossey (Doula & Antenatal Educator) & JoJo Therapy (Pregnancy Massage & Bowen)

Zoom meeting link for Tuesday 21st July 10.30am:


Meeting ID: 848 7562 6940


Zoom meeting link for Thursday 23rd July 6pm:


Meeting ID: 884 7859 1576


28th/30th July: Optimising Fertility with Lucy Bishop (Nutrition) & Alison Watkiss (Aromatherapy & Massage)

Zoom meeting link for Tuesday 28th July 10.30am:

Meeting ID: 883 2807 7609

Password: 666368

Zoom meeting link for Thursday 30th July 6pm:

Meeting ID: 824 7063 6855

Password: 713072

Do join us. It’s absolutely FREE!

As I've been working continuously since lockdown I will be taking a break during August. I hope to resume a mix of in person and online classes in September. 

Please join the yogaworks pregnancy yoga closed facebook group so that I can communicate easily with you and you can stay in touch with each other. Please ask me if you are not in it and I can invite you in. 

Remember too that I am running birthing sessions with partners online to help prepare you for labour so please check my website for latest dates. 

If I fall ill and have to cancel classes then I will post this on the  facebook group as soon as I can. I would in that event extend the time period of this block to cover any missed classes. If you fall ill I am sorry I will not be carrying payments forward or extending the dates of the block. I will be aiming to post at least one recording per week of a full yoga session which you can access for a month to help with home practice or if you miss some of the live sessions. 

You wil need a Zoom meeting ID to join the classes. You can access these on the relevant facebook group or just e mail me and I can send them to you. PLEASE DON'T SHARE THE LINKS WITH ANYONE ELSE. 

Zoom is free for you to use. You will ideally need a laptop with a camera or a phone. A speaker can help you to hear me more easily. I will mute everyone once the class has started but you will have a chance to talk to me and others at the end if you wish. There is a chat facility too where you can type some comments/questions. 

If it's your first time using Zoom please test your equipment first. I start the session 10-15 minutes before the class start so you go into a waiting room then I can admit you. This gives you a chance to check that everything is working before the class starts. Please make every effort to join on time as it's quite distracting to admit people in when I am already teaching - but I do understand that equipment fails so will do my best to let you in. Sometimes internet connections go down so if you 'leave' the class whilst it's running again I will do my best to let you back in, but sometimes you may have to wait a few minutes. 

Create a lovely calm space in your home where you won't be disturbed. Try to have as much space as possible around your mat. Ideally a wall and/or chair nearby and a yoga/birthing ball if you have one. A belt or scarf as well as a couple of blocks would also be great. Any spare cushions/bolsters will help you to be more comfortable during your relaxation. 

See you online!

Pregnancy yoga from 14 weeks up to birth. These fun and enjoyable sessions are specially designed to be both safe and effective for pregnant women. Learn easy ways to alleviate common ailments, such as back ache, pelvic pain, indigestion and insomnia. In later pregnancy learn how yoga can help prepare you for labour and birth. 

I can show you how you can bring yoga into your everyday life so that you can enjoy a healthier and more vibrant pregnancy. The sessions allow you and your baby time to relax as well as to meet other pregnant women in a relaxed atmosphere. 

pregnancy yoga

June to July 2020

w/c 8th June to w/c 29th June

£30 for 4 Weeks

July 2020:

w/c 8th July to w/c 27th July 

£30 for 4 Weeks 

Reserve your space now

What to Bring: I supply all the mats, blocks and cushions. You can of course bring your own too if you prefer!

Pricing: You can book your space for the whole block in advance on-line. If you are new you can enjoy a single trial class for £10  if space is available or if you are due before the end of a block you can pay per week. You can amend the payment amount yourself when you book through my booking site. You may also be able to join mid block if there is space and just pay for the remainder of the block. 


I had never done yoga before but decided to try it when I was 15 weeks pregnant and absolutely loved Belinda's pregnancy yoga classes until 41st week of my pregnancy. It was very relaxing time which helped my changing body and aching back, but also helped me to prepare emotionally for birth. Not to mention amazing friendships with other to be mums and now mums!   


Definitely would recommend Belinda. She helped me through pregnancy and now through life as a new mum with her yoga practice. What an awesome lady. 

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I would really recommend Belinda's classes, I attended from 18 weeks to 39 weeks and found it tremendously helpful. I found the physical side of the yoga along with the breathing and relaxation to each be important for during pregnancy and preparation for birth. I had my baby recently and the midwife commented that I clearly had a handle on my breathing, it was great and I truly believe without the techniques taught by Belinda I would have needed a lot more painkillers during labour!