July 2021: I am now taking a break from teaching my regular classes - after a very intensive year of teaching online and then in person!

Over the summer you can still access recordings from many months of yoga classes. The cost is £15 which is a one off payment for access via the closed facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/443302236444712 where the links to the recordings are available.  It's a closed group so please request to join if you are not already a member. For this option lease select the 'general adult yoga (online) category for July 21 on this site:

 Please use the Book Now tab or this link to access my booking system.

I will post an update here by the end of the summer about details of the Autumn classes, as well as on the facebook group.

Please see Classes pages for details for each class type. 

For in person students All sessions need to be pre-booked. Students need to tick the disclaimer on their booking form to state they will only attend in person if they are symptom-free and not required to isolate and agree to comply with the protocols laid out in the Yogaworks risk assessment as well as any requirements of the locations where the sessions take place. 

In essence, social distancing will be maintained at all times in class as well as when entering, leaving classes and moving around the building. Masks need to be worn when arriving and leaving but not during the class, unless a student prefers this. Students will need to bring their own mats and other equipment such as blocks, cushions, blankets, belts as necessary. Mats will be positioned 2m apart according to floor markings. There will not be any adjustments or partner practices. The room will be cleaned and ventilated between sessions. All communal areas will be regularly cleaned and gel dispensers available both inside and outside the yoga hall. A track and trace system will operate requiring me to make a note of all students attending each class for at least 21 days. 

For online students Please make sure you choose the online category when you book! Once you book I will be inviting you, if you are not already a member, to join a closed group. I post any changes to class links on these groups as well as recordings weekly. So please contact me if you haven't received an invite. 

You will need a Zoom meeting ID and password to join the classes. You can access these on the relevant facebook group or just e mail me and I can send them to you. PLEASE DON'T SHARE THE LINKS WITH ANYONE ELSE. 

Zoom is free for you to use. You will ideally need a laptop with a camera or a phone. A speaker can help you to hear me more easily. I will mute everyone once the class has started but you will have a chance to talk to me and others at the end if you wish. There is a chat facility too where you can type some comments/questions. 

If it's your first time using Zoom please test your equipment first. Please make every effort to join on time as it's quite distracting to admit people in when I am already teaching - but I do understand that equipment fails so will do my best to let you in. Sometimes internet connections go down so if you 'leave' the class whilst it's running again I will do my best to let you back in, but sometimes you may have to wait a few minutes. 

Create a lovely calm space in your home where you won't be disturbed. Try to have as much space as possible around your mat. Ideally a wall and/or chair nearby and a yoga/birthing ball if you have one. A belt or scarf as well as a couple of blocks would also be great. Any spare cushions/bolsters will help you to be more comfortable during your relaxation. 


I am also continuing to offer private and small group sessions, including workplaces, as well as preparation for labour workshops so please get in touch about these.

See you soon in person or online again!


I am Belinda and have been offering a range of hatha yoga classes in the Leamington area for over 20 years. My sessions are informal and beginners are welcome and can join in at any time. 

 The atmosphere in my classes is relaxed with people feeling able to rest longer or to work deeper if they wish. We also have plenty of laughs; yoga is a serious discipline with far reaching benefits yet my style is playful and exploratory. 


Hatha is a style of yoga which develops both flexibility and strength, among many other benefits. It includes a balance of breathing practices, physical postures and relaxation. The asanas are done relatively slowly and deeply, rather than moving fast from one to the next. 

Many classes are only one hour long - most of my mine are 90 minutes long which means that the pace in unhurried, to have some headspace and time out, and to experience each practice more deeply. This is also true of the relaxation as there is proper time for this in the session not just a brief 2 or 5 minutes. Our physiology changes for the better when we relax so this is a key and integral part of the yoga. 

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