Mother & Baby Yoga

Update 26th March:

I've been busy this week launching my online classes and will be trialling these for the next few weeks. So far so good! I am currently just offering these to current students and am inviting everyone to join a closed group for general yoga, pregnancy yoga and mother & baby yoga. So contact me if you haven't received an invite.

Yoga for you and your baby together! These relaxed and friendly sessions teach both you and your baby to some simple and enjoyable yoga practices. You can attend from early postnatal up to when your baby starts crawling. Beginners to yoga welcome.

You can feed and change your baby whenever you need to. Some of the babies are asleep during the sessions which is fine as you can spend more time focussing on your own practice. There is always time for relaxation in these sessions which helps tired mums recharge. 

For mums: simple yet effective postnatal recovery yoga for body and mind including focus on realigning spine and pelvis, stabilising the pelvis and core muscles including pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles. I am a teacher trainer for Birthlight who specialise in promoting women's health around birth so I have a wealth of experience in helping women through this key transformation. 

For babies: easy massage and fun holds and movements adapted to baby's stage of development. The babies love to watch their mums move and enjoy the songs and rhythmical movements. 

mother and baby yoga


10:00 - 11:30am; Babies 4 months up to crawling

12:00 - 1:30pm; Newborns up to 4 months 

Stonemonkey Yoga Studio

February-March 2020

27th February to 26th March

£60 for 6 weeks

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What to Bring: I provide all the mats and cushions so you have less stuff to carry. There are blankets and sheepskins to put your baby on, most women bring a small blanket of their own to place on top of these.

Where to go: You can access the yoga studio at Stonemonkey with a pram by walking around to the back which is at street level, or you can walk through the cafe and carry your baby down the stairs.


After becoming a mum, I've been continuing my yoga journey with Belinda by attending her postnatal class with my son. We joined when he was just three weeks old and have enjoyed it since. Belinda's knowledge, experience and personal charm make everyone welcome and cared for, both physically (special thanks from my pelvis!) and mentally. I can definitely recommend the class to all new mums!


I loved pregnancy and baby yoga classes with Belinda who is extremely knowledgeable and experienced teacher. The classes are very relaxed and welcoming with a gentle yet very effective approach. It opened my eyes to how pregnancy changes the body and how important it is to choose the right exercise to bring it back to balance. It's a real treat for body and mind!


We have really enjoyed our yoga lessons with you. Thank you for creating such a safe and welcoming environment for new mothers, it's been a huge support to me over the past few months.