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Pregnancy yoga 

Marlena - Monday evenings says: I had never done yoga before but decided to try it when I was 15 weeks pregnant and absolutely loved Belinda's pregnancy yoga classes until 41st week of my pregnancy. It was very relaxing time which helped my changing body and aching back, but also helped me to prepare emotionally for birth. Not to mention amazing friendships with other to be mums and now mums!                                                          

Lauren - Wednesday evenings says: I would really recommend Belinda's classes, I attended from 18 weeks to 39 weeks and found it tremendously helpful. I found the physical side of the yoga along with the breathing and relaxation to each be important for during pregnancy and preparation for birth. I had my baby recently and the midwife commented that I clearly had a handle on my breathing, it was great and I truly believe without the techniques taught by Belinda I would have needed a lot more painkillers during labour!                                                                                                                     

Diana - Wednesday evenings says: I started my pregnancy yoga classes with Belinda at around 14 weeks right up until the end. I also did the birthing session with my partner and can honestly say that it was the best thing I could have done. She has very good knowledge in all birth matters and every session I left relaxed and confident about birth. It was me time with loads of good advice. If I could have done it without her? Maybe!! But it was so well worth it!! Thank you Belinda!                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Becky - Wednesday evenings says: Definitely would recommend Belinda. She helped me through pregnancy and now through life as a new mum with her yoga practice. What an awesome lady.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Mother & baby yoga 

Magda  - Thursdays mornings: After becoming a mum, I've been continuing my yoga journey with Belinda by attending her postnatal class with my son. We joined when he was just three weeks old and have enjoyed it since. Belinda's knowledge, experience and personal charm make everyone welcome and cared for, both physically (special thanks from my pelvis!) and mentally. I can definitely recommend the class to all new mums!       

Asta - Tuesday mornings: I loved pregnancy and baby yoga classes with Belinda who is extremely knowledgeable and experienced teacher. The classes are very relaxed and welcoming with a gentle yet very effective approach. It opened my eyes to how pregnancy changes the body and how important it is to choose the right exercise to bring it back to balance. It's a real treat for body and mind!                                                                                

Rachel - Thursday mornings: I have done pregnancy yoga, a birthing session and now baby yoga with Belinda. All have been brilliant! Highly recommend to all Mums to be and new mums.       

Helen - Tuesday mornings: Thanks for all your help and support since I started coming to your yoga classes. I was nervous and felt out of my depth at 16 weeks pregnant, and from then on your classes were always something I looked forward to. Once Hazel was born they were actively the highlight of my week - a true space to breathe and to be supported. The atmosphere you've been able to create is very special, and I'm very thankful for that. 

Gemma - Thursday mornings: We have really enjoyed our yoga lessons with you. Thank you for creating such a safe and welcoming environment for new mothers, it's been a huge support to me over the past few months. 

General yoga

Lynda - Wednesday mornings: Belinda has been my yoga teacher for over 7 years and i would recommend her yoga to beginners or the experienced looking for a new teacher, she offers satisfying classes to the young and old, fat or thin. Yoga is for everybody.                                                                  

Ken - Friday mornings: I’ve been going to general adult yoga classes with Belinda for nearly two years and have enjoyed every minute. She’s a great teacher, very in tune with the needs of individuals, and the classes are suitable for people of all ages and abilities. My flexibility, balance and core strength have improved enormously and I’ve found the focus on breathing and relaxation very beneficial.                                                                             

Lynn - Monday mornings: I have been attending Yoga classes for ten years and when my teacher retired last year I joined Belinda’s class. Belinda’s General Adult Yoga Class is absolutely fantastic with a varied group of people of all ages and abilities, everyone goes at their own pace and there is no competition. The atmosphere in the room is relaxed and enjoyable and Belinda is a wonderful teacher. To be honest I have noticed a vast improvement in my movement, flexibility and alignment. My breathing is stronger and more controlled which helps me with a more peaceful relaxation. Belinda is ‘simply the best’ and I am looking forward to many more years of her fabulous Yoga teaching.                                                             

Nigel - Monday mornings: Having only taken up yoga a year ago as a 60 year old ‘sportsman’ whose body was feeling the aches pains and stiffness of age and wear and tear of old injuries, Belinda’s class has become a ‘must attend’ weekly session. My flexibility and core has really improved to the extent that I have taken up a new active sport, am cycling further and my full golf swing has reappeared !!!
Belinda is particularly conscious of old injuries and helps in their management. Great fun too!   

Clare - Friday mornings: Thank you for your gentle, fun, playful and mindful yoga teaching. It really is a highlight in my week. 

Workplace Yoga

Richard Saint, MD of Bericote, whose company Belinda coaches:

Belinda has presence, her yoga class draws you in, whilst the outside World, no matter how busy, is silenced. Your aches are gradually eased away with each routine and you finish the class feeling both more present and energised for the day ahead. In three years of weekly classes we have always felt so much better after each and every session. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Belinda, always patient and constructive with a gift for subtly leading others far less flexible than herself. We wouldn’t learn yoga from anyone else.

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