Workplace Yoga Sessions Old

Yoga can help enhance wellbeing and improve productivity in the workplace through practices that:

* alleviate stiffness and pain from sitting for long periods, such as back and neck ache

* create more mental alertness 

* develop awareness of posture which can help with everyday alignment such as when sitting over a computer

* suggest everyday ways to integrate easy stretches into workplace life

* release stress by learning relaxation techniques


I already run regular Yoga sessions for a number of local companies, either at their premises or at a third party venue. Clients have included a dental practice, property & development, financial management and video games companies. 

I can offer daytime weekly or monthly classes which can be tailored to the needs and experience of the group. 

If this is of interest to your workplace please contact me to discuss availability and rates. 

This is what one of my clients has to say about my sessions at their workplace:

Richard Saint, MD of Bericote: 

Belinda has presence, her yoga class draws you in, whilst the outside World, no matter how busy, is silenced. Your aches are gradually eased away with each routine and you finish the class feeling both more present and energised for the day ahead. In three years of weekly classes we have always felt so much better after each and every session. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Belinda, always patient and constructive with a gift for subtly leading others far less flexible than herself. We wouldn’t learn yoga from anyone else.