Well Woman Yoga

My Well Woman classes are specially designed to enable vibrant female health. Many women practice yoga but still feel tension in their bodies and in their minds. These yoga classes will show you easy and enjoyable ways to create more hormonal balance, to release stress, to promote optimal posture and alignment, to enable deeper breathing, to create pelvic stability and core strength. 

They will suit you if you feel more comfortable practicing yoga in a relaxed female only environment. Or maybe you are wishing to conceive or want yoga to help your fertility journey? Or have painful periods and want to find practices that help ease discomfort as well as create more hormonal balance? Or maybe you have had a baby recently and wish to recover both physically and mentally? Or you had your children longer ago but still experiencing problems such as prolapse and poor core strength? Maybe you are feeling the changes that come with the perimenopause and the menopause and want to find out how yoga can support during this time. You may be postmenopausal and want to maintain both strength and balance in body and mind. 

If any of these apply to you, or you just love yoga, then do join these sessions which are open to women of all lifestages and abilities. 



well woman yoga class

Women Only General Yoga

Mondays: 7:00- 8:30pm

Spencer Yard

Monthly Menopause Workshops

  • Saturday 12th October 2-4pm
  • Sunday 17th November 3-5pm


Autmun Term Prices

£105 for 13 Weeks: 9th September to 16th December

£55 for first 6 Weeks: 9th September to 14th October

£65 for later 7 Weeks: 4th November to 16th December

£10 per Week (Pay as you go)

Workshop Prices

£20 per Session

£15 Early Bird offer - Book 2 weeks before for £5 off!

What to Bring: You are welcome to bring your own equipment, otherwise everything will be supplied for you. Please wear comfortable clothing such as leggings and a t-shirt.


I wanted to say thank you so much for our session on Saturday! I felt so heard and nurtured and held somehow in the space somehow you created...I'm very grateful

woman only yoga class


Just to say a big thank you for your class at Swimworks last Saturday. I enjoyed the class and was suitably aware of various muscles the following day..and still am actually..haha!


Having enjoyed many years of general yoga with Belinda, I looked forward to the workshops. The setting was so comfy and supportive!

Belinda really listened to our experiences and offered exercises to help with the physical and emotional changes surrounding the menopause. There was a lovely mix of activity and relaxation, real quality ME time - What better way to spend an afternoon?!