Yoga with Belinda Old

Welcome to Yogaworks. I am Belinda and have been offering a range of hatha yoga classes in the Leamington area for 20 years.I am a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. I first gained my teacher training certificate with FrYoga 1998-2000 then as a Birthlight perinatal teacher in 2004 and a Birthlight baby yoga teacher in 2005. I qualified as a Birthlight perinatal teacher in 2015.
Hatha yoga is a style of yoga which develops both flexibility and strength, and has many benefits. It includes a balance of pranayama (breathing practices), asanas (physical postures) and relaxation. The asanas are done relatively slowly and deeply, rather than moving fast from one to the next. Beginners are welcome and can join in at any time. 
My sessions are informal and welcoming. The atmosphere in my classes is relaxed with people feeling able to rest longer or to work deeper if they wish. We also have plenty of laughs; yoga is a serious discipline with far reaching benefits yet my style is playful and exploratory. 
Many classes are only one hour long - mine are 90 minutes long which means that the pace in unhurried, to have some headspace and time out, and to experience each practice more deeply. This is also true of the relaxation as there is proper time for this in the session not just a brief 2 or 5 minutes. Our physiology changes for the better when we relax so this is a key and integral part of the yoga. 
I offer a range of types of yoga classes to suit different needs/lifestage:
  • Adult general yoga - for all ages and abilities, men and woman
  • Pregnancy yoga - from 14 weeks +
  • Mother and baby yoga - for mothers with babies from newborn up to crawling
  • Women only yoga - weekly classes to help with female wellbeing: postnatal recovery, core strength, menstrual balance, fertility, menopause
  • Menopause yoga - monthly workshops for women during perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause 
  • Couples birthing sessions - suitable for pregnant women from 32 weeks+ with their birthing partners
  • One-to-one yoga - for those who want an individual touch, can be offered in the comfort of your own home
  • Workplace yoga - I currently teach a number of regular sessions for company employees either at their premises or in third party premises 
I am a registered provider with Jaguar LandRover on their Employee Learning Scheme ( ELS) so you can apply through them for funding to attend my classes.
Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?
Yoga helps to enhance flexibility, so if you are stiff it will help! In my classes you never force your body, you go at your own pace and with regular practice you will find that your flexibility increases. Remember everyone has to start somewhere, so beginners are very welcome. 
Strength and stability are just as important as flexibility, so we work on these two aspects in a balanced way to create a balanced body.